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Computer Guided Implants

What is Computer Guided Implants? How does Computer Guided Surgery work?
Computer Guided Implants
Computer Guided Implant Surgery with Procera® (NobelGuide™) & SimPlant® are great advances in dental implant treatment planning. It is an interactive 3D computer imaging system that guides the doctors in implant surgery.

The information gathered is extremely accurate, allowing the doctors to visualize the precise placement of simulated implants, as it gives us knowledge of the anatomy of the jaw in all three dimensions. It helps us locate important internal structures and also allows the measurement bone quality and quantity directly from these images.

With the use of NobelGuide™, a final prosthesis can be made prior to your visit, which can be inserted at the same time that the implants are placed. This is a technology called Teeth in an Hour.

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How does Computer Guded Implants work?

Office Visit 1
Impressions of your upper and lower jaw are used to help plan the future location of your new teeth.

Office Visit 2
A guide/stent will be fit to your mouth (where tooth replacement is necessary). This stent will be used to help capture the contours of gums and the location of your future teeth.

At the Radiologist's Office - Visit 3
A High-tech ConeBeam CT Scan is performed to gather digital information about the jaw bone.

In the Lab (No Visit required!)
We process the digital information gathered from your CT Scan using cutting-edge technologies to create a 3-D Virtual model of your jaw.

Office Visit 3 - Final Visit
About three weeks later, you return for a one hour incision-free surgery for the placement of your dental implants into your jaw. The implants will be secured to the new set of teeth in approximately 6-12 weeks. If you are a candidate for Chew Today™ (Immediately Functional Final/Permanent Teeth/Bridge), this procedure only requires 'Lidocain;/local anesthesia to numb the jaw.

1. A surgical template (similar to a night guard) is placed over your teeth/

2. Stabilization pins are used to hold the guide in the correct position.

3. Drill sleeves are used to precisely guide the implants into the jaw bone in the exact location where the teeth are planned to be.

4. The bridge is positioned over the implants.

5. Titanium screws hold the prosthesis in place.

On the way out
Your implants act like natural teeth not only helping to prevent further jaw bone loss, but allowing your bone to become stronger and more dense. The computer guided dental implant surgery is extremely accurate, safe, and allows for virtually painless dental implant treatment, allowing you to walk out with beautiful teeth today.
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