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Chemical Peel

A chemical peel exfoliates the skin's top layers to reveal the softer and healthier skin below. Chemical peels are used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including environmentally damaged/hyperpigmented, acne prone and even sensitive skin types. In many cases, wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging, and heredity can be reduced and eliminated through the use of a series of chemical peels. Irregular skin pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, and even pre-cancerous keratoses may also improve as a result of chemical peels. This particular procedure can increase the skin's tolerance to external factors and control acne. The strength of the chemical peel is determined by the patient's individual skin type and the degree of damage to the skin.
We offer an array of peels by our licensed aestheticians including the Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica™ and glycolic acid peels.
For one week before and after your peel, you may be advised to stop using electrolysis, waxing, depilatories, masks, peels or dermabrasion, Tretinoin (Vitamin A creams) and aggressive cleansing with Loofas.
You should avoid direct exposure to the sun for extended periods of time for the first week or two, after your peel. During the first two weeks post-peel, you should also avoid other activities that would aggravate your skin such as exfoliation or waxing.
After a chemical peel you will be instructed to use a Sensitive Skin Cleanser, a moisturizer and Daily Sun Protection with at least SPF
20. Patients with dry skin may receive a recommendation to use the Rejuvenative Moisturizer, and patients with oily skin may receive a recommendation to use the Ultra Sheer Moisturizer. These products are part of the physician-grade line by SkinMedica™, the manufacturer of the Vitalize Peel™, intended to moisturize your skin while it is exfoliating.
Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about the beautiful results that can be achieved with our wonderful aestheticians. Procedure Photos< Come visit our office to see our beautiful Before and After photos for the Chemical Peel procedure.
* To reduce the risk of bruising, you will be advised to stop taking fish oil, Vitamin E, herbal medications, supplements, aspirin and anti-inflammatories 1-2 weeks prior to treatment, if possible. Inform Dr. Young of all of your prescriptions, over-the-counter remedies and herbal supplements, oral or topical products, and if you may be pregnant
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