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Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial implant kolakta


What Are Facial Implants?
Facial implants generally consist of implants placed under the chin, cheek, or jaw.  They enhance facial features adding fullness and pronunciation, especially in the cheeks and jaw line. 
In many cases, facial implants are elective, but there are also instances where the implants are reconstructive.  After an auto accident, for example, one might require facial implants to restore the original features of the face.  In these instances, health insurance will often cover the cost of the procedure. 
Patients in good physical and mental health may be candidates for facial implants.  The surgery may alter your face, but won’t make you into a different person.  They accentuate, rather than alter your facial features.  If you’ve had other facial enhancements or major dental surgery, you should inform the surgeon. 
The procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours.  Depending on the person, local or general anesthesia may be used.  The implants, whether jaw, cheek, or chin are placed through the upper or lower lips.  Cheek implants may also be placed through the lower eyelid.  Most patients are released within 24 hours.   Partial recover from facial implant surgery is usually short, lasting up to a week, on a case-by-case basis.  Full recovery (i.e. no bruising, swelling, pain, or discomfort) may take several more weeks.  You may need to avoid certain foods, medications, or smoking for a certain period of time after the surgery.  Excessive sun exposure is also not recommended.
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