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Facial Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Jaw Surgery kolkata


Many people suffer with protruding or receding jaws which make the face look out of proportion. Many people are embarrassed to have their photo taken in these cases, especially in profile. Maxillo (Maxillofacial surgery is surgery to correct a wide spectrum of defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the oral and maxillofacial region. It is a recognized international surgical specialty). facial Surgeons are able to move the upper and lower jaws to create a more pleasing aesthetic appearance and at the same time they can correct deformities in the bite.

We also see some men with that is known as a ” gummy smile”. This is where too much of the gum shows when smiling. In these cases we can move the upper jaw upwards to give a nicer smile.
Before the procedure

A consultation with a maxillo facial specialist is essential to establish your suitability for this type of surgery. As part of the consultation, the Surgeon may request specialist x-rays to establish what the situation is now and what needs to be done in terms of the surgery to give you the results that you are looking for. Such pre operative screening can include CT scans and even computer guided surgery which assists the medical team with a precise surgery plan based on the dimensions of the face and bone and the results of the scans.

The Procedure
This type of surgery is done under general anesthetic , which means that during the procedure you will be totally asleep and feel nothing. the timing of the surgery will depend on the amount of surgery required, but such operations can take as much as five hours in really complex cases.
During the surgery, the team are able to move the jaws into the more appropriate position either by removing bone or even adding to exiting bone with the use of bone substitutes if required.

After The procedure
You will remain in hospital for one to two nights in most cases. In very complex cases the stay maybe slightly longer. You will have bruising and swelling in the first days after the procedure, and you will be feel uncomfortable with difficulty in chewing food at first. Plan to take two weeks of work , in some cases the Surgeon may advise slightly longer off work if the surgery has been very complicated.
You may have difficulty sleeping at first, this is perfectly normal. In some cases it maybe only the start of a prolonged treatment if the Surgeon has prescribed a course of orthodontic treatment following the surgery.

In complex Jaw surgery cases, a multi disciplinary team is often required to bring different parts of the surgical and orthodontic treatment to you.
Therefore it is important to the Patient and accept that to get the look you want , it may take a little time and effort on your part. Modern maxillo facial surgery can create amazing results though and we have seen some incredible advancements in surgical techniques, these change people lives in such a positive way.

This is complex surgery and you must ensure that you have all of the facts before embarking on what could be a lengthy course of surgery and treatment. If you are seriously considering this option, then you can rest in the knowledge that Aesthetica have a highly skilled medical team in a number of different medical specialties , all working together to bring you the results you want.
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