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Facial Plastic Surgery

Cheek Implant and chin surgery kolkata


What Is Cheek Implant Surgery?

Cheek implant surgery is elective plastic surgery used to improve the contours of the face.  The entire procedure generally takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete with either local or general anesthesia. 
Prior to the surgery, the plastic surgeon selects an implant that takes into account the patient’s profile and facial contours.  The surgeon then makes an incision inside the patient’s upper lip or lower eyelid.  Forming a pocket in this manner, the surgeon is able to place the implants in the desired position.  If the cheek implant surgery is just one of several cosmetic procedures taking place in the same operation, the surgeon will insert the implants through incisions made for the other procedures.  After securing the implants in place, the surgeon uses fine silk or dissolving stitches to close the wound. 
Once the cheek implant surgery is over, the surgeon applies a dressing to the cheek line and implants to reduce any discomfort and swelling.  Incisions made within the mouth require stitches that usually dissolve within approximately 10 days. 
The patient may have restricted mobility of the lips and mouth for a few days after the surgery.  If the incision was made through an incision on the lower eyelid, the surgeon will remove the stitches after approximately 5 days.  Swelling in the lower eye and cheek bone area may persist for approximately one or two weeks.  
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