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Medical tourism

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Dental surgeon

Patient’s Rights

l. You have the right to considerate, compassionate and respectful care.
2. You have the right to current information on all your dental health problems concerning diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and estimated treatment costs in a language you can understand and comprehend enough to give informed consent prior to the treatment.
3. If this information cannot be given to you owing to your age, condition or otherwise, you have the right to have such information provided to a guardian/care-giver or an appropriate person on your behalf.
4. You have the right to refuse treatment for any reason, after you have been informed of the possible consequences of this decision.
5. You have the right to privacy and confidentiality. All case discussions, examinations, and treatment records will be held confidential except when appropriate consent is given.
6. You have the right to expect that the dental care treatment given to you meets the standards of care of the profession.
7. You have the right to expect prompt and continuing care.
8. You have the right to emergency dental care as needed.
9. You have the right to receive an itemized total bill of dental treatments delivered to you.
10. You have the right to information on our sterlization protocol and academic credentials.
11. You have the right to seek a second opinion.
(*adapted and modified from The Univ. of Pittsburg, USA)

Patient’s Responsibilities

1. It is your responsibility to provide us, to the best of your knowledge, with accurate and complete information about all your present, as well as pre-existing dental and medical complaints, including history of past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications etc, and other matters pertaining to your health. Please also report unexpected changes in your condition.
2. It is your responsibility to make it known to us whether you clearly understands the course of treatment planned for you and what is expected of you.
3. It is your responsibility to follow the recommended instructions given by us, including follow-up treatment instructions.
4. You are responsible for your actions if you choose to refuse treatment or do not follow the instructions given by us.
5. You are responsible for keeping your dental appointments, and when unable to do so for any reason, to notify us in advance.
6. You (or the legally responsible party/person) are responsible for fulfilling the financial obligations in terms of payments towards dental services rendered, as promptly as possible.
7. You are responsible for being respectful, compassionate and considerate of the rights of other persons including the doctors, staff and other patients.
8. You should expect us to provide only those services that we determine to be appropriate.
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